How to Identify Internet Scams – Analysing Common Make Money Online and Get-Rich-Quick Scams

scamThe Internet offers a global marketplace for many business opportunities to flourish. However, crooks also recognize the potentials of cyberspace and are equipped with knowledge and tricks to chauffeur their agenda. It is sometimes hard to tell between reputable online sellers and criminals who use the Internet to rob people. You can protect yourself if you learn how to recognize the danger signs of fraud. If you have been a victim or attempted victim of internet fraud, it is important to report the scam the law enforcement agencies, to have the fraudulent operations shut down.

There are many internet scams out there. Prevalent of these are “Make money Online” and “Get Rich Quick” scams. This article looks into details about these scams, the common messages used and how to prevent yourself from getting robbed of your hard earned money.


Data Entry Job Scams Exposed!!

online businessThere exists many online job advertising what appears to be legitimate work. The work from home data entry jobs are particularly appealing to scammers, as the scam involves a lot of steps that often brainwash you into believing that it is a real job. Trying to tell whether a data entry job is a legit job takes careful research and common sense. Those jobs that promise big money are scams. Low skill jobs never pay big wages. With careful research, you can be able to locate legitimate work-at-home opportunities by eliminating these and other scams.


Understanding Pyramid Schemes and How They Work

PyramidPyramid schemes are illegal investment scams that take a hierarchical structure-like model. New recruits constitute the base of the pyramid and provide the required funding. The so-called returns are given to the initial investor (recruits above them). Some of these schemes operate as Multi-Level Marketing companies.

What is all about?

In the classic pyramid schemes, participants attempt to make money solely by recruiting new participants into the program. The hallmark of these schemes is the fake promise of sky-high returns in a very short period, just by doing nothing other than giving out your money and getting others do the same.

How the Pyramids Work


Understanding the Nigerian Email Spams and How to Protect Youself


emailThe so-called Nigerian email spams comprise of convincing sob stories, unfailingly polite language and promises of a big payoff. These emails are a like a pile of late night dreams, but people still respond to them. Behind these messages are people who claim to be top officials and business moguls or surviving spouses of former government honchos mostly on Nigeria and related West African countries, whose money is tied up temporarily.


Exposing Scams on Money Making Programs

Internet scam.The get rich schemes are spread all over the Internet. Almost all of them claim to have a secret formula for making money fast and with little effort within the shortest time possible, once you are exposed to this formula. Of course if anyone had a secret formula for making huge piles of money in little time with minimal efforts, it would be in the news headlines. There are legitimate affiliate programs and other work at home online jobs that you can use to make money in your free or extra time, but they are not hyped like these faked get rich schemes.

Additionally, the home-based business schemes such as surfing envelop, medical coding and transcriptions simply involve selling more schemes. At these scammers website, they claim to have some hidden secrets to making millions on the internet in the shortest period. Why would they sell you a money making system at $50 to use in making money with? Instead, why can’t they use their system to make as much money as possible and spare coming for your hard earned money?


The Truth About Earning Money With Paid Online Surveys – How to Spot Paid Survey Scam Sites

Online incomeThe internet has facilitated the distribution of information to millions of people, including fraudulent business deals and email scams. Scams and fraud are lurking all over the Internet, as they wait for innocent internet victims who will give out their personal details or make online payments thinking they are conducting legitimate business deals. The only way to be secure in this cyber world is to have an understanding of what’s true and what’s not. Here, we are going to discuss the negative side of online paid surveys, and how scammers take advantage of the innocent Internet users, to steal personal information and money from them, under the pretext of legitimate business deals.


How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Making Money Online

Money Down DrainDo people really make money online without getting scammed? Are there legitimate ways to make money online to sustain your lifestyle? The answer is YES. In fact, many of the best ways to make money online do not even require you to set your site. This makes it quite easy for those who are just starting out in the online business world. Content creators, affiliate marketers, bloggers make legit money without scams. All you need is some time, writing skills, a site (for bloggers), a product (to sell or market), and laptop and internet connectivity.

This guide focuses on how to avoid internet scams in the money making online realm. It guides those looking to make money online, in a legitimate way, without falling into the trap of scammers.