The Truth About Earning Money With Paid Online Surveys – How to Spot Paid Survey Scam Sites

Online incomeThe internet has facilitated the distribution of information to millions of people, including fraudulent business deals and email scams. Scams and fraud are lurking all over the Internet, as they wait for innocent internet victims who will give out their personal details or make online payments thinking they are conducting legitimate business deals. The only way to be secure in this cyber world is to have an understanding of what’s true and what’s not. Here, we are going to discuss the negative side of online paid surveys, and how scammers take advantage of the innocent Internet users, to steal personal information and money from them, under the pretext of legitimate business deals.

Paid Survey Scams

Most of us get easily enticed on earning money using the so-called paid survey sites. These sites may pay you a pittance for completing their extensive surveys, and most of them look very organized and professional. However, most likely, they are scams. The information that you provide to paid survey scams is sold to other scammers, and this is the reason you constantly get spam emails. If you find the right survey site, stick to it. Those sites that promise huge bonus and payments are highly scam sites.

Commonly used tricks

You should not have to pay any registration or membership fee to take a survey.

Why would you have to pay in the first place? Who needs the responses to the survey? They are the one who need your help in filling in the survey, and any pretext of the membership fee is an outright scam.

Never give out your credit card when making payments

The site may trick you that the payment is a one-time fee. However, there is no guarantee that it is. Victims who have fallen prey of this trick warn that they were repeatedly charged the membership fees. Other scam sites offer money back guarantee just to play with your psychology.

Testimonies are not always accurate.

There are chances that you can get a genuine paid survey site (We are going to discuss this later in the article). Scam sites equally exist. Testimonies are not always true, as they could just be bogus stories faked to lure victims. Even though the website may look genuine, it could be a scam. You need to check what the form say about the site.

Another trick used by these scam sites is that when you complete a couple of surveys, they entice you to take a higher paying survey. But to be able to take their offer, you have to provide personal information such as your dislikes and likes, financial details as assets, etc. Genuine paid surveys do not ask for these details.

Ways to Spot Paid Survey Scams

Internet scam.There are various online tools and sites that we can use to verify the legitimacy of any site presenting itself as a genuine paid survey site. It is always a good idea to do some research and site review before joining a survey company with the hope of making extra money. Below are simple things you can do, that can help you spot a paid survey scam from a mile away.

Check with the BBB

You can research the site in question with the Better Business Bureau LINK [] for any possible complaints against the specified survey site you are researching about.

Do a WHOis Lookup

Sites use proxies to get registered. When they use proxies, scammers can hide their real contact information. WHOis lookup LINK [] allows you to find out if a site is registered using proxies or not and gives you details about contact information, country location, and other details, in case the site is genuine.

Check with scam busting forums

There exist different excellent online forums that are dedicated to exposing scam sites. An example of such forums is You only need to open the site and type the URL of the site whose legitimacy is under question.

Making Money with Legitimate Paid Survey Sites

There are many genuine paid survey sites that you can join to make money online. Membership is always free, and the sites reward a certain amount of points after completion of each survey. Members can thus redeem them for items or cash. Members are also able to voice their opinions in the site forums while also getting rewarded. In these sites, ways of getting rewarded include the following;

– Offers

– Surveys

– Shopping

– Referrals

– Interactions

Taking paid surveys can be an excellent way to make some extra money. However, it can be difficult to figure out which sites are legitimate or not. However, by using the tools and tips discussed in this guide, establishing the legitimacy of a site becomes easier.

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