How to Identify Internet Scams – Analysing Common Make Money Online and Get-Rich-Quick Scams

scamThe Internet offers a global marketplace for many business opportunities to flourish. However, crooks also recognize the potentials of cyberspace and are equipped with knowledge and tricks to chauffeur their agenda. It is sometimes hard to tell between reputable online sellers and criminals who use the Internet to rob people. You can protect yourself if you learn how to recognize the danger signs of fraud. If you have been a victim or attempted victim of internet fraud, it is important to report the scam the law enforcement agencies, to have the fraudulent operations shut down.

There are many internet scams out there. Prevalent of these are “Make money Online” and “Get Rich Quick” scams. This article looks into details about these scams, the common messages used and how to prevent yourself from getting robbed of your hard earned money.


There are numerous legit internet business opportunities available online, and the scams equally follow them. We are going to look at the cheap money making scams that are mostly used, to trick you into falling into them.

(i) Get paid to surf/Internet survey scams

Online income Many programs are being advertised everywhere on the net. They tell you that all you have to do is to surf the web, fill out some surveys, answer some emails and they will send you a check every month. BEWARE- It can never be that simple to make money! The majority of these “pay to surf” programs want you to make some initial deposit upfront to open an account with them, and become a member.

(ii) Scams on Google AdSense

AdSense is a relatively new revolutionary program offered by Google that allows webmasters to help Google advertise by posting ads on the webmaster’s web pages. You earn money for every click each ad receives. All you need is a website with unique content about a niche.

The Scam Part: -Since the program has a tremendous profit potential, scammers are trying to create shortcuts to claim to make the process “easier” for you. There is a scamming program called,” AdSense Ready” that allows you to download numerous pre-written web pages (so you don’t have to write the content yourself). You end up advertising the content on these pages that have many hidden links.

(iii) Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid Pyramid schemes are illegal systems where people recruit other members to sign up under them, with the pretext of making money. However, there is no real product involved. These schemes may even encourage you to deposit some money to open premium membership accounts with them, with the hopes of doubling or tripling your income. You should not confuse pyramid schemes with legit Multi-Level Marketing. Identifying pyramids schemes is a bit easy nowadays, as they are laced with faked testimonials.

(iv) Register with Money back guarantee

Some scams require you to register with a certain amount to get access to their “offer”. They promise you money back guarantee within 30 or 60 days, in case you are not satisfied with what you get. BEWARE- Many scams do not offer the said service, package or product. Make sure you read their full terms of service and perform a quick Google review about the company


Thief Would it not be nice to make a bundle of money quickly with minimal efforts? Working at home in your shorts, or from your bed? Everyone would like to have such happen. However, don’t be carried away into believing this. The only way to make good money is through hard work and working smart. Here, we expose the common get rich scams.

(i) Lottery

“Congratulation you won 1 million dollars. Please contact us we transfer the funds”. BEWARE – Why would you earn money for an event or game you didn’t participate? Once you provide your bank account details, they hijack your account.

(ii) Nigerian Spam

In this scheme, you get contacted through email or phone call, by a very rich and important person who is in trouble. They want to use your bank account credentials to transfer funds, with a promise to get a portion of it. Once you give put your details, they hijack your account.

(iii) “I’ve made money on X, and it’s not a scam” – Money Making Programs

Internet scam.There are plenty of testimonials of people who have gotten money out of a certain “X Program”. These programs add their referral id at the bottom, hoping to scam you into the program. You can be enthusiastic after making a few bucks with the program, but you will soon meet your match. Others who sign under you are totally scammed.

(iv) Data Entry, Virtual Assistant, Typists

There are many offers out there, which promise you hundreds of dollars a day, just by typing and doing data entry jobs from home. The truth is that you will be pilled with a lot of work to deliver, with threats of fine if you don’t meet deadlines. This is a psychological bait made to brainwash you into accepting the offer. However, in the end, you won’t get any penny.

There are many legitimate ways to make money online, and not all methods are scams. However, you should be quite skeptical of get-rich-quick schemes are these are entirely scams. Next, we shall be looking at tips on preventing and protecting yourself from internet scams.

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