This siteĀ is committed to helping you avoid getting taken by dangerous internet scams, devious identity theft and other frustrating offline and online fraudulent method. We are committed to helping you get protected from being taken in by the latest fraud schemes. Scammers use email, pop-ups, online ads and search results to trick you into sending them money and personal information. It is our mandate to keep you updated on the latest tools you need to use to guarantee your safety and protection.

Our Mission

– Increase awareness of internet scams

– Identify individuals and groups who are vulnerable to scams

– Warn people about internet fraud

– Provide timely and reliable information to victims and potential victims

– Advise and support those who have been scammed.

– Help people get protected against scammers

The emergence of Internet technology has made it relatively easy to accomplish many things; be it banking, travel, research, shopping and many more, all at our virtual fingerprints. The internet makes it easier for legitimate pursuits as well as scammers, con artists and other online miscreants to advance their virtual crimes. Scammers steal account information and run up charges or commit crimes in your name. Dishonest merchants bill you for monthly “membership fees” and other goods or services without your authorization.

Common Internet Scams

There are hundreds of internet scams and the number keep on raising. The scammers keep on getting better as we keep on used the advancement in technology to have you protected. We shall be discussing all these fraudulent methods ranging from; Advanced Fee Fraud, Fake check scams, Fake lotteries, Romance, Money Recovery, Charity, Employment, Rental, Auction sites, Debt collection, Advanced fee loans, Conference, and Army leave scams.

Do’ and Don’t s

It is important to know who you are dealing with. Don’t believe promises of easy money. Understand all offers before you and think twice before entering contests operated by unfamiliar companies. Resist any pressure. Beware of “dangerous downloads”, unsolicited emails and beware of imposters. When paying for online goods or services, pay the safest way and guard your personal information.